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The Yume Project Services
Computers – come and pursue your own interests in computing.  You can learn and develop work skills, independent living skills, literacy and numeracy, emailing, gaming, film making, music, photography or social networking.
Craft – explore your own interests in craft as part of a friendly group.
Swimming – all day swimming session mainly based at Bracknell's Coral Reef.  Come and have fun, get some exercise or soak up and enjoy the atmosphere.
Music – get together with friends to share your love of music... play along, sing along, dance along and have fun!
Cooking – Love to cook?... Join our group!
Yoga/Gentle Exercise – start to feel the benefits of a weekly low impact exercise group.
Art/Drawing – a chance to express yourself and discover talents you never knew you had!
Photography – an opportunity to pursue a particular interest through the art of photography or simply snap, snap, snap away!
Gentle Walking – discover the beautiful Berkshire countryside with gentle walking and maybe also some photography, sketching, painting, twitching or feeding the ducks.
Sensory Sessions – enjoy everyday sensory pleasures such as taste, smells, textures, sounds, sensations and movement.
Advocacy – practice your self advocacy in everyday situations, as well as seizing the opportunity to become involved in decisions relevant to you. 
Community Based Sessions – get together with friends to go bowling, cinema, ice skating, swimming, shopping, gym, trips to town and more.
Work Skills – learn, practice and develop the skills needed to improve your chances in the job market.  These could include practising your communication skills, interpersonal skills, understanding and giving instructions, taking on responsibilities and duties, developing your literacy and numeracy including money skills and ultimately transitioning into employment. 
Job Coaching – enjoy the reassurance and added confidence of one to one support while you settle into your new job or role, as well as the peace of mind of ongoing advice and support. 
Independent Living Skills – maintain and develop the skills needed to live as independently as possible through working as part of a group, individually or in the community.  Such as travel training, danger awareness, managing your own money, posting letters, visiting the bank and getting to grips with some domestic chores. 
Supported Holidays – enjoyable breaks made easy with advice and support with planning, booking and preparing to go on holiday and even opportunities to be supported whilst away. 


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